Thursday, July 9, 2009

Laid To Rest...

"Thank you for all of your comments and words of support. Baby Joy will be laid to rest on Friday morning. There will be a reception at Baby Haven where volunteer and staff, along with the House Moms will get a chance to celebrate the life of this young child and all his beautiful smiles..." (Contents by Sydney Harrison/TN)


  1. Facebook Comment:

    Jody Lynn Fox at 9:40am July 9
    "It is comforting to truly know she is with our loving savior. I couldn't stop thinking about this for a couple days now ! I will keep this whole organization in my prayers along with Sydney. God bless."

  2. Facebook Comment:

    Bonnie McDaniel at 9:45am July 9

    "How my heart aches for you! There are no words to describe what you are feeling right now. I know as we had to say goodbye on two occasions. We do not always understand, but we know that our babies are in God's care until we meet them again. Love to you my dear."

  3. Facebook Comment:

    Emma Thembani at 10:02am July 9

    "Stay strong..."