Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miracle Needs A Miracle

“Her name is Miracle and at the age of nine, she is simply breathtaking. But her beauty couldn't hide the ugly truth that had already chiseled away at her innocence.
Miracle, watched her mother die of AIDS, but not before being beaten at home, along with her younger brother. The tensions would escalate so high sometimes – when the rage would reach it’s peak – that Miracle and her little brother would be ordered to the outhouse for hours! There they would stay, with little food and no one to look after them.
Miracle is now in desperate need of a miracle, as she has tested positive for HIV. And remember, she is just 9 years old. But, even in her youth.. Miracle has the faith of the ages.
Each night she prays that she will be healed of this illness. And, she prayer that her little brother will be spared the fate of this vicious virus. She sings.. This Little Light Of Mine, I'm Going To Let It Shine...

And, you know what?? Despite it all.. it does!" (Post Content By Sydney Harrison/TN)

Sydney's Reality Check

“Their stories are different, but fate – to this point, at least - has dealt these babies a similar unkind hand. Some have been severely beaten, leaving them with multiple fractures. One child, I’ll call Nika suffered from twelve (12) fractures to her tiny little body, by the time she was just three years old. But while her external wounds may cause severe physical pain, her internal light continues to shine. To my amazement Nika always has a smile lighting up her warm brown face. In fact, that child’s smile – her dimples - could light up an entire room.
Nika, like so many other orphans, was left for dead. But she defied death, and is being given a second chance at life with the help of David and Caroline Webb at Baby Haven.”
(Post Content By Sydney Harrison/TN)

Sydney's First Week

“It has been a week here now in South Africa and at times I have been floored and moved to tears. I was quickly awakened to the reality these children face, as they struggle for life – for love – for survival. ”

“I have been changing diapers and rocking babies to sleep. I attended a birthday party for one of the orphaned boys. I will call him Oma, as we need to change the babies names for their own protection. This birthday party was special, because Oma is one of the babies who has tested positive for HIV. He turned one on Friday.
Through our donations were were able to give him a Barney doll that sings. “ (Content by Sydney Harrison/TN)

While it can’t save his life… a simple toy can offer a sick child few moments of joy.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sydney Arrives

"I've made it to the orphanage and I've met all the children. They welcomed me as if they've known me for years. I am so humbled.Some of their stories are heart- wrenching.I can't express how thankful I am to be here." (Post Content By: Sydney Harrison)